Saint Boniface Cathedral : A Magical Winnipeg Landmark Presenting History and Beauty Together

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Saint Boniface Cathedral (French: Cathédrale Saint-Boniface) is a Roman Catholic basilica and the cathedral of Saint Boniface located at 190 avenue de la Cathédrale, Saint Boniface of Winnipeg city center, Manitoba, Canada. It is an important building in Winnipeg, and is the principal church in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Saint Boniface, serving the eastern part of Manitoba province as well as the local Franco-Manitoban community.

The Saint Boniface Cathedral faces the Red River. In Verendrye Park is a statue of Pierre La Vérendrye by Joseph-Émile Brunet. Across the river is The Forks in Downtown Winnipeg.

This majestic structure is partially destroyed by fire in 1968 and composed of a Church built in 1972 and of the ruins from its early 1905-1908 structures. Truly a landmark, this building is a municipally-designated historical site.

The remains of Chief One Arrow were interred at the cemetery from his death in the 1880s until August 2007, when his body was exhumed and sent to One Arrow First Nation in Saskatchewan.

Source (Text & Pictures): Wikipedia & Kristhine Guerrero

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