Portage Properties Average Double Digit Assessment Increase

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Land owners in the City of Portage la Prairie are experiencing a significant increase to the assessed value of their properties.

2020 is an assessment year for Manitoba Assessments, which is a division of the provincial government, and assessed properties in the city saw an average increase of 11.87 per cent.

“I don’t know if everybody understands how this works but the province does property assessments every two years,” says Portage la Prairie city councillor, Wayne Wall. “And this time around assessed values have increased an average of 11.87 per cent, so that means your property is worth more than it used to be.”

Changes in assessed values of Portage Properties are based on market conditions, current property prices, the economic climate in the city and will be impacted by any changes property owners make to their property for which a building permit was required.

Examples of changes requiring a building permit are adding a deck, building a garage or other major changes to structures on the property.

“(The increase is) based on actual sales,” adds Wall. “So if your property taxes have gone up, it’s not necessarily because the city of the school board raised the mill rate, it’s very likely because your property is worth more than it used to be and thus your taxes are a little higher.”

All property owners who had a change to their assessed property value should have received a notice of that change from Manitoba Assessments by mail between May and June of 2019.

Those with concerns or questions regarding property value assessment are encouraged to contact Manitoba Assessments. The Portage la Prairie branch can be reached at 204-239-3320 or toll free is 1-866-401-8986 or via email at assessment@gov.mb.ca.

Written by Brian Oliver and Published by Portage Online on Monday, 13 July 2020

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