Canadian Museum for Human Rights: A new but significant Manitoban landmark

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Even though it’s one of the newest icons in the city, CMHR has solidified its landmark status. Before you journey into the museum’s underground entrance, step back and marvel at the curved slopes and the unusual angles of the Cloud, made of 1,669 custom-cut pieces of glass.

Step inside and reflect on the multi-sensory exhibits exploring human rights concepts, wind your way up the lit-white alabaster ramps until your journey culminates in the glass Tower of Hope, providing a panoramic view of downtown, The Forks, and St. Boniface.

Be inspired; visit the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Whether you’re interested in exploring important stories, or awesome architecture, this Museum is not to be missed.

Its galleries are built around human rights themes. Using the latest technologies, oldest forms of storytelling and timeless power of art, the hundreds of stories featured here relay the importance of rights for all.

The variety of content and programming means there is something of interest for visitors of all ages.

Inclusive design provides visitors with a journey that sets new world standards for universal accessibility. Bilingual exhibits and programs mean visits can be experienced in either of Canada’s official languages.

Come experience it.

Opening Hours are Tuesday to Saturday 10 a.m. to  5 p.m.

Source: Tourism Winnipeg

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