Slurpee in Manitoba as the province has been the Slurpee Capital of the World for last 20 years

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Slurpee is the frozen beverage found at 7-Eleven is enjoyed most by people who are used to wearing two pairs of gloves in the winter.

Canadians purchase an average of 30 million Slurpee drinks per year. Manitoba was crowned the Slurpee Capital of the World for the twentieth year in a row in 2019.

7-Eleven stores across Winnipeg sell an average of 188,833 Slurpee drinks per month. The rest of Canada sells an average of 179,700 per month, which makes Winnipeggers the world leader of Slurpee sales.

Unlike their counterparts in America, Canadian Slurpees do not contain yucca extract which gives it the airy consistency American Slurpees are known for. 6.6 million Slurpee drinks are sold in Australia each year.

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