Admission Requirements of the Brandon University, Manitoba, Canada

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With a historic campus not far from the downtown and the Assiniboine River, Brandon University is a small school in a prairie city of about 50,000, a few hours’ drive from Winnipeg or Regina.

Despite its size, the school has a full complement of faculties, from fine arts to business to pre-professional programs in 20 areas, including law, dentistry and veterinary medicine. Brandon’s students enjoy an excellent student-to-faculty ratio and one of the lowest tuitions in Canada.

There’s a large Indigenous focus, reflected in language courses in Ojibwe, Cree, Dakota and more, as well as in the impressive collection of Indigenous literature—one of the largest in North America—housed at the John E. Robbins Library. A transition initiative helps Indigenous students get the skills and prerequisites needed to enter the school’s nursing and psychiatric nursing programs in one year, with access to workshops, peer study groups and Elder support.

A transition program for Indigenous students at the Brandon University looking to enter business or science will be available in fall 2020.

Fitness buffs gravitate to the Healthy Living Centre, a modern facility that includes three gymnasiums and an indoor track. “As a strong regional university with community and Indigenous roots, we are growing as a destination for students from across Canada and the world,” says president David Docherty. “

[Students] join a fun campus full of opportunities, and build career-readiness through close relationships with professors, hands-on research projects and our comprehensive co-op program.”

Standout Programs
 Public History—Media Arts Stream: Combines an education in history with training in the use of museum exhibits, film, computer games, oral histories and more to explain the past to a wider audience.
• Music: The School of Music offers studies in performance and composition, as well as concurrent and specialist music education programs, including one with a focus on teaching in one-on-one, community-based and other non-public school settings.
 Psychiatric Nursing: Students learn primary mental health care and the skills needed to provide psychiatric nursing care. Grads have a high success rate in passing the national licensing examinations on the first try.

Cool Courses at the Brandon University

• Métis Art, Culture and Language: This course looks at art practices as they relate to the culture and political realities of the Métis.
 The Joy of Text: Literature and Sexuality: Examines the role of sexuality in literature, beginning with the influence of the scientific study of sexuality at the end of the 19th century.

Tuition Fee at the Brandon University

$4,722 (includes compulsory ancillary fees)
Minimum Entering Grades
Arts: 60% · Science: 60% · Commerce or Business: 60%
Student Body
Undergraduates: Full-time: 2,506 · Part-time: 570
Graduates: Full-time: 216 · Part-time: 165
International Students: First-year: 11.4% ·
Graduate: 19%
Male-Female Ratio: 32 to 68
Housing Facts
Residence Spaces: 375 (200 reserved for first-year students)
Residence Costs: Double room with meals: $6,987 to $8,592 · Single room with meals: $8,397 to $10,296

For more details, please visit the University Website

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